“We use GoldReg and Gold for our all of our programs which are mostly incentives. These tools provide me with a professional web presence and my clients are always impressed with the incredible variation of reports that we provide to them.” --CMI25 Travel and Incentive Company




Reports the way YOU want to see them. Every company has specific reporting needs. Whether it's a personalized agenda, a detailed BEO, or dinner table cards. If the information is in GoldReg or the GoldSystem, then we can make it come out on paper however you wish.

A report will translate your data into something meaningful. You might need a certain list sorted in a specific order, or you might need a line graph added to a cost analysis report to show your boss. Professional reports can be made to order. You give us the specifications, and we'll set the report up for you, and add it to your system so you have access to it from this point forward.


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